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Ghost Hunt Part 8: Ghostly Encounters

Ghostly encounters.
Image by Hier und jetzt endet leider meine Reise auf Pixabay aber from Pixabay

Next stop on our ghost hunt deviates from my personal ghostly encounters to those of another. On The Probe, I’m after authentic hauntings shared by people who have experienced paranormal contacts. For today’s blog, I interviewed JE.

JE is a wife, the mother of four beautiful children, and an entrepreneur living in Central Texas. She is a former student of mine, an amazing one, who studied drama under my direction. She and I re-connected on Facebook several years ago and she has been sharing her ghostly encounters with me. Like me, she has had paranormal experiences starting as a child that have continued into her adult life. She took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions about her ghosts.

The Interview

Q: Hi JE, thank you for agreeing to share your encounters with my readers. I assume you are a believer in the paranormal, like ghosts and haunted houses. When did you become a believer?

Glitter People + child
The Glitter People: Who are They?
Photo by RondellMellling on Pixabay

This question has a complicated answer. I have always been a believer. There was a brief part of my adult life where I let doubters cloud my ideas. When you do not believe, fewer things come to you. As a child, one of my first memories is of sitting behind the couch talking to the glitter people. I cannot recall exactly what they said or if they were the same people, but intermingled with sunlit dust motes would be ones that glittered. Those were the ones that spoke.

Q: Love the name glitter people. I may have to steal that for a book. What occurred to confirm your belief in the paranormal?

For a few years, I played the role of a responsible doubter. I say “playing” because I felt there was something more; however, I convinced myself to forget the glitter people, and I chalked my visions up to being coincidences. Dreams? Nah, that was just a normal dream, not something that would come true, I told myself.

A few years back, some of my “feelings” became very strong, and I spoke with my mother about them. She believed in facts — proven and undeniable. This is the reason I had never discussed the topic with her. To my surprise, however, she told me about visions she and my grandmother had. She advised me to always heed powerful feelings. Talking with someone opened my eyes to things I denied for years.

Ghostly Protection?

The ghost part of this conversation — unless the glitter people were ghosts — I cannot claim any official ghosts until recently. I have felt spirits but never been able to claim they were ghosts. About eight years ago, I T-boned an armored car.

Clear as day, someone told me to let go of the steering wheel and it would all be okay. I was going 70 miles an hour. Right before impact, I took my hands off the wheel. My car looked like the person within should be dead, but I walked away with nothing more than scratches. Still, I can’t really claim that was a ghost, so not counting it.

My actual ghosts started when we moved into our brand new house. We built the house. There was nobody in it before us. We live close to a cemetery, but I don’t feel it is the residents of the cemetery who visit us.


Q: Are you still being haunted?

I am going to combine a few thoughts into this — other than just saying: yes, we are currently being haunted.

The first spirit who came to us is the one that dismissed any doubts I had and made a firm believer of a non-believing husband. His father passed away about a year before. It started with things that were easily deniable. Someone or something would change the air conditioning temperature. The lights would differ from the way we’d left them.

Then one night my husband and I were sitting in the bed in a silent house. Kids were asleep. Everything was off. TV was silent. We were talking. We were both startled when the first few notes of the opening sequence for one of the movie companies played. (I think paramount but not sure.) We both heard the same thing.

There was no explanation. It came from within a few feet of us. After confirming to each other what we heard, we started talking about the other unexplainable things that had been happening. We had both been noticing the same things, but put them off as our kids being kids.

The night progressed even stranger. DVDs belonging to my deceased father-in-law popped out of place. But the DVDs beside them would still be in place. As we watched, every two inches, a James Bond movie snapped forward. There were noises and lights. We saw shadows, but not his form.


Q: Anything happen recently?

He left us after a while. Obviously, he was never a mean spirit. I believe he just wanted to check in on his family. After he visited, it seems our house has become a place where restless spirits pass through. None have been malevolent. Most stay away from the kids. There have been a few times when a spirit was not with us, but currently we have one. I haven’t been able to get a great feeling about who she is, but she doesn’t seem bad.


Q: What was your scariest encounter?

Our scariest ghost was not nice. He didn’t keep away from the kids. My youngest would talk about seeing the witch man. He often heard footsteps in the attic.

My animals became very protective. I have two cats and a dog. They stayed by my side constantly. For instance, my cats would be asleep, but if I stopped what I was doing and was still, the three would form a semi-circle around me, pointing in different directions. Ollie, my little black kitten, would hiss at things. Whoever he was, they didn’t want him near me and became very protective.

Casper or Duppy?

Q: Is your ghost friendly or sinister?

I have had both, but mostly very kind ones that just pass through. Some seem to want something. Others I’m not sure why they visit.

I don’t see the perfect spot for this one, so I will throw it in here. One of the most special visits was from a child. She caressed my arm. This was during the winter when we had a fire going. I thought it was my black kitty, Ollie, because when the child-ghost touched me it felt sweet and silky, not sinister at all.

My husband, who was sitting on the other side of me, asked if I saw what passed in front of the fireplace. I laughed and told him it was Ollie, and that she had just rubbed my arm. His eyes got huge. He explained it wasn’t Ollie, that the thing passing in front of the fireplace covered the flames from his view. Once again, I told him I felt her go by. I said, I will call her and she will come from our bedroom. But when I called her, she came from the other side of the house.

This little girl stayed with us about a month and showed herself a few times but never clearly. She was about the height of the couch back. She giggled and called for mother. My kids call me mom or mommy so it wasn’t me for whom she called. I’m not sure what happened to her, but I believe she sought me out because I’m a mom and she needed me.


Later, JE emailed me with another ghostly encounter.

I forgot one of the best. My husband was out of town, so I was sleeping on the couch, because I didn’t want to sleep in our bed alone. I woke up when the locked front door opened and closed. I know I was not just waking from a dream because my dog was reacting. She barked and started trembling. I lay there in fear for several minutes. I thought it was a flesh and blood intruder.

Thank you, JE. Your stories have been both chilling and enlightening, and have given me comfort in knowing that others have experienced similar hauntings as I have. 


JE’s re-telling of her encounters gave me chills. I’m the first to admit I have an overactive imagination. But to hear someone relaying experiences similar to mine verifies much of what I have instinctually believed most of my life but had no solid evidence to produce.

And possibly, ghosts don’t want to leave any solid evidence. I mean, if we had evidence of their existence, what does that do commonly held belief systems that say we die and go to a better place. It’s the same as proof of aliens. How does proof of life on other planets fit into a person’s nice neat little religious doctrine?

How about you?

If you have experienced the paranormal, but have been afraid to say anything — like I was for many years — here’s your chance. Include what happened to you in a comment or email me. No need to use your real name, we just want to hear about your contact with the spirit world to compare notes and probe a little deeper into the unknown.

Update on The Elementals

The Neikx Doctrine
The Neikx Doctrine?
Photo by Bonnybbx on Pixabay.

Thanks to my fantastic readers, we have a couple names to choose from for evil elementals. We discussed the elementals in the April 1 blog and decided evil elementals as a tag just doesn’t cut it.

Reader Rockwell K did some research into mythology. He wrote:

According to the Empedocles — a Greek philosopher, scientist and healer — who lived in Sicily in the fifth century B.C., all matter is comprised of four “roots” or elements of earth, air, fire and water.”

“In his Doctrine of the Four Elements, Empedocles described these elements not only as physical manifestations or material substances, but also as spiritual essences.”

“…the interaction of the four elements is influenced by the relationship between the two great life energies of Love and Strife”

“Empedocles explained that there are two great living forces in the universe, which he called Love (Philotês) and Strife (Neikos)”

So, maybe these “evil elementals” are part of Neikos? Not a bad name, eh? or maybe we play on the word Strife, like Stritans.. which is an old Germanic version of strife meaning to fight (but also sounds like Titans, which is kind of cool).

Very cool, Rockwell, thank you. Names for the evil elements, we have:

  • Neikos
  • Neikx
  • Neikz
  • Neiks
  • Stritans

I’m leaning toward Neikx. As Rockwell pointed out in his reply comment, The Neikx Doctrine is visually appealing.

How about you, what is your vote for a name to be used in one of my novels for the “evil elementals”?

Ghostly Photo of the Week

The Watcher
The Watcher

In 1959, at Corroboree Rock at Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia (for you, Anthony) a tourist snapped the above photo. Faintly, in the center of the photograph, one can see the ghostly image of a woman in a long dress. What is creepy is that she is holding something like a camera or binoculars or some alien device.

If this truly is an apparition captured on film, several questions arise:

  1. What is she staring at and why?
  2. Are there cameras and binoculars in the afterlife?
  3. Is this an instance where the camera caught images from a different dimension?
  4. Or, as some have suggested, is she a time traveler the photographer caught watching us?
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