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The Mysterious Crystal Gene. 8 Things You Didn’t Know.

Updated March 7, 2020

“One of the miracles of life, to my mind, is the accuracy with which DNA gets itself replicated in the cell.”—Graham Cairns-Smith.

During my research on Walk-Ins and Starseeds, one term continually popped up. The Crystal Gene.

It’s a concept I hadn’t encountered before. Individuals who have a Walk-In or believe themselves a Starseed possess what is called a Crystal Gene. A primitive gene connected to our original beginnings that, once activated, keeps us on course toward our designated mission on Earth. The Crystal gene is embedded in the DNA of enlightened individuals.

Some individuals are born with the gene activated. Others will have those moments when the Universe becomes clearer—ah-ha or light bulb moments. This signals the activation of their Crystal Gene.

Once activated, the enlightened ones begin to question the things they’ve been taught or took for granted. They see a broader connection to all things. A roundness as Native Americans call it.

Today’s research took me into the investigation of the elusive Crystal Gene, and I found it is indeed elusive, and thereby, produced little information. Nonetheless, some thought-provoking material was garnered.

For the skeptics in my audience—those whose Crystal Gene has not been activated and who question the existence of  the Crystal Gene—here’s a little science to back it up.

8 Discoveries

Besides being a photography studio in Oregon, there are eight things I found scientifically important to proving the Crystal Gene.

1. There exists a hypothesis that asks if crystals are primitive genetic material.

2. Creator of this hypothesis is Graham Cairns-Smith, an organic chemist and molecular biologist at the University of Glasgow. His hypothesis surfaced in the mid 1960s. He believes: “A simpler kind of evolution came first, and then, what are now the molecules of life came to be produced in a consistent way.”

3. July 16, 2007 The Royal Society of Chemistry published an article entitled: Crystals Are Genes?

4. The article states that American scientists tested the Crystals As Genes Hypothesis (CAGH).

5. Bart Kahr from University of Washington, Seattle, US, and his colleagues designed the first experiment to examine the idea that crystals can act as a source of transferable information, using crystals of potassium hydrogen phthalate.

6. The experiment was conducted in an effort to determine if Cairns-Smith’s hypothesis is relevant to the origin of life.

7. Kahr found, as Cairns-Smith suggested, the distribution of the crystal defects can be transferred from one crystal to another, but a large number of mutations were observed.

8. Kahr concluded: For crystals to resemble genes there must be more inheritance than mutation in successive generations. (ProbeNote: Kahr hoped his experiment would lead to more investigations into the CAGH. But that was in 2007, and I find no follow up.)

Cairns-Smith’s Response to the Experiment

“I would say that the success of [the] idea that RNA preceded DNA has provided inadvertent support for crystal genes. The big thing missing… is an account of how activated nucleotides might have appeared on the primitive Earth as feedstock for replicating RNA molecules. The kind of organic chemical competence required here could only have been the result of natural selection—based of course on some other genetic material.” —Graham Cairns-Smith.

Other genetic material?

“One of the miracles of life, to my mind, is the accuracy with which DNA gets itself replicated in the cell. It has to be that unbelievably accurate, otherwise we’d all die out in no time.” —Graham Cairns-Smith.

Cairns-Smith in the Proceedings to the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences journal published a paper entitled:  A Case For Alien Ancestry, May 6, 1975.

The Abstract by Cairns-Smith for the publication states:

Many modern biochemicals can be formed in significant yields under loosely controlled abiogenic synthetic conditions. They are, in this sense, easy to make and appear to be among the moderately common molecules of the Universe. We might expect a highly evolved life form like ours to have perfected a system that uses a kit of easily made parts. This is a sign of sophistication, but it may well be the hard won outcome of a prolonged evolution. It is by no means clear that this evolution started with anything like the system that it eventually perfected.

In the publication, Cairns-Smith presents arguments suggesting our original ancestors had alien biochemistries.

Where Our Beginnings Meet

bird's nest
“All things have a roundness to them.” —GraceWatcher

Native Americans believe in the roundness of life.

All things have a roundness to them; the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the stars, the trees and rocks all have roundness, and humans have roundness as well. The lodges we build ~ our sweatlodge, our tepee ~ are also round because we want to acknowledge the wholeness of Creation. —From the Desk of GraceWatcher

Seems our research on Walk-Ins, Starseeds, the Fermi Paradox, Ancient Astronauts, and the weird-and-wonderful all end up at the same spot. Like we are on a loop. Like the roundness of life. My conclusion—where our beginnings meet the beginning—remains: not all of us are of this Earth.

If life on Earth was first activated from information stored and transferred from crystals, where did the crystals originate? Did our genetic material piggy back to Earth via asteroids? Are encrypted crystals the simpler form of evolution to which Cairns-Smith refers?


What are your thoughts? Did Crystal Genes pave our path to evolution? If so, where did they come from? Also, I’d definitely appreciate additional information on Crystal Genes—scientific and/or pseudoscience.

I love hearing from you. Even if you disagree.

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8 replies on “The Mysterious Crystal Gene. 8 Things You Didn’t Know.”

Very interesting and way out of my field.
I don’t know my idea has anything to do with the kind of crystals you are speaking about, but anyway. When I was much younger I took a course in Radio and Television servicing.
The first project was to build a “crystal set”. With a crystal, a few wires, a needle and a headset one could build a radio receiver and, depending on where the point of the needle was put on the crystal, one could receive a different radio signal.
Ah, so much for that.

Hi Ike,
I always love you’re comments.They make me think. Thank you. This is so interesting because I’ve never connected the building of a “crystal set” with the Crystal Gene Theory. But it makes sense. Kahr experimented to show crystals can act as a source of transferable information. Since crystals can transfer radio signals, did they transfer the vital genetic information important to life?

Hope you and I get to find out the answer to that question before this journey is over and our next one begins. Let me know if you find out more on the subject.

Very interesting indeed. I’ve only talked to one other person regarding the human – crystal connection. I think there is something to this. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on the planet. They play a big role in some of the “new-age” practices as well. The individual I was speaking with, to make a long story short, said that humans are currently Carbon Based Lifeforms but our evolution is destined to make us into a Crystalline Based Lifeform. He told me this will happen once humanity has reached what is called ‘Christ Consciousness’. Which brings me to the light bulb or a-ha moment. I have had this moment. I am most certain it was the release of my kundalini energy. I see a connectedness to everything now. My intuition is very accurate and I have the ability to gauge situations very clearly. I know when I’m being lied to and can tell if a person or their agenda is genuine or calculated deception.

Clara Bush. I don’t know what all that means but I do find this topic intriguing. I also know that you are a very kind and genuine person. As always, I love your pictures.

I’ve been thinking about what you asked me in your last email. And after much thought, I have concluded that I am not a writer but would really like to be one. And oh yeah……Tesla got his ideas from alien / interdimensional beings in the form of holograms (so the story goes).

Whew Jason, thank you. I posted my blog in a google+ community and was pretty much blasted for the thought there could be anything to Crystal Genes. I was shocked because there are scientists, as recent as 2007, researching this very thing and who seem to agree there is something to it. I truly believe there is. I love the thought that human evolution is destined to make us into Crystalline Based Lifeforms. “Christ Consciousness”— is a perfect descriptor.

I too have had the light bulb and a-ha moment. I’m just trying to piece it all together. The puzzle pieces, the hints, are there. And they all come back to the same connectivity (the roundness).

Thank you for being so kind and allowing me to know your thoughts. It’s very enlightening to be enlightened, but frightening as well, because so few people with whom I’ve come into contact have experienced it. I’m happy that you have felt this too. It is a gift, and a burden in some ways, to perceive others’ true intent, like if they are lying or being manipulating. And I believe they sense this in us, and it often scares people away, except those who are—as you say—genuine.

I hope you will pursue your desire to be a writer. I think you have much to share. And I’m always open to introducing you as guest blogger. We still have Centralia, Penn to research, you know. Thank you again for taking the time to connect with me and others.

I had a past experience of transmition from a hillside of little purple flowers twenty or so years ago. It ( a common grouping of them not separate one from another) sent me a piece of information I had asked of the Spirit a couple of months previous to this experience. It was such a completely surprising yet natural feeling experience that I have looked for answers to the possible workings of it ever since. It lead me to a book by Jeremy Narby “the Cosmic Serpent” DNA and the origins of knowledge. In it he speaks about visions of amazonian people. Some of them refer to the great anaconda (DNA?) having a crystal just outside the brain. That led me to type in crystal and DNA and saw your article. HMM!

Hi Patricia,
Thank you for stopping by and sharing your beautiful experience with me. I have experienced this natural feeling while on hikes in the mountains surrounding my home. It is exhilarating, as well as comforting and enlightening. These enlightenments guide my writing, and it was when I was on one of my treks that the idea for this blog found its way into my consciousness. The book you mentioned sounds fascinating. I will definitely be giving it a read. I greatly appreciate the sharing of any further information or resources you find on the topic of the Mysterious Crystal Gene. And of course, any enlightening experiences you are willing to share are treasured here. Thanks, Clara.

May 5, 2019
To Clara Bush
I am reading a book called the “Voyagers The Sleeping Abductees” it is quite involved but very enlightening. The author refers to a Silicate Matrix or a Crystal Gene. Never came acrossed it before so went to the internet and came upon your site which is also very interesting. Keep up the good research. Thank Bea

Hello, Bea,

Thank you so much for your comment. I found the mystery of the crystal gene fascinating, and, like you, I had never heard of it until I began my research. I only wish there was more information. I will definitely read “Voyagers The Sleeping Abductees.” Perhaps here I can find answers. Hope you stop by again.—Clara

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