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Science Fiction Fans Offer Seven Possibilities for Ceres’ Mysterious Lights.

In Monday’s blog, we discussed the unexplainable lights detected on the dwarf planet Ceres by NASA space probe Dawn. I asked three of my google+ communities to give me their opinions as to what the lights could be.

Ice, Ice Baby

The Short Of It:


Two of the three communities I polled voted ice as being the most likely source of the reflection.

This artist’s concept shows NASA’s Dawn spacecraft heading toward the dwarf planet Ceres.

The Long Of It:

Two of the communities I polled are science fiction. The third one is a group called Spirit Consciousness. To appreciate the results, I think a little description about each of the three groups is warranted. As I reveal the results, I will post their mission statement as well in this color.

THE QUESTION: What could these lights be?

Sci Fi and Fantasy Fans: This Community is for the fans of Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies and Books. (96 individuals voted)


15% Evidence of alien life 
16% Volcano-like origin
  7% Patches of salt
50% Ice 
13% Death Planet Rays


Sci-Fi Community: An awesome place to talk about science fiction and share interesting things. (362 individuals voted)


14% Evidence of alien life
18% Volcano-like origin
  9% Patches of salt
41% Ice 
19% Death Planet Rays

Spirit Consciousness: The purpose of our group is to unite people practicing different kinds of esoteric subjects, who are interested in mystery, unidentified history, extraterrestrial civilizations, meditation, astral projection, spiritual self-development and knowledge of the universal laws. (7 individuals voted)


57% Evidence of alien life
29% Volcano-like origin
14% Patches of salt
  0% Ice 
  0% Death Planet Rays


What I found fascinating was that the younger sci-fi group seemed to vote more for the logical explanation of ice. Whereas the awesome sci-fi group gave more votes to the Death Planet Rays. 

The younger group pointed out that it should be Death Star not Death Planet. 

FA: What’s Death Planet Rays? Or the Death Star Rays from Star Wars? Haha

To which I said: FA, I will take either. Since Ceres is a dwarf planet, I went with Death Planet—meaning rays from it might be deadly if we get too close.

The Spirit Consciousness went evidence of alien life all the way, but only seven people voted. Still, seems interesting that the majority of them went with an imaginative explanation as opposed to a logical one. 

My Sci-Fi awesome community gave the most creative responses. Here are a few:

EM: Obviously headlights. It’s dark out there.
KH: Sorry to disappoint but that was me with a flashlight looking for my car keys.
KM: KH, if your car keys are on Ceres… take me with you!

Gotta love that sci-fi humor!

CH: Tralfamadorians………[?] (ProbeNote-One of my favorite comments because it refers to the aliens in Kurt Vonnegut’s classic Slaughterhouse-Five. Love this novel.)

JW: Perhaps it´s an Alien Ship controlled by a god in an extradimensional sphere run by the Iluminati xd .

NW: I remember reading something about “ice volcano’s” on other worlds. Maybe it is ice/mist being thrown up into the “air” and catching light at a different wave length?

Ceres’ Mysterious Lights


The List

I promised seven possibilities. So from my unofficial poll and research here is a list that includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Headlights (Whose or from what is anyone’s guess.)
  2. Alien ship (May have headlights.)
  3. A flashlight (A signal perhaps. Alien code for help or bug off.)
  4. Someone experimenting with teleportation and shiny objects like hub cabs. His calculations are off so all this shiny stuff is piling up on Ceres.
  5. A time capsule planted by the Anunnaki.
  6. A fallen iced Death Star that collided with a rebel ship and waits…
  7. An evolved life form, an extremophile, which can live in extreme environments. It uses bioluminescence to draw in its prey.
I hope you weren’t expecting a real science-y list. I’ve read all the logical answers, but my mind has more fun playing with the ET possibilities. I hope yours does too. 
Do you have an imaginative or science-y theory to explain the mysterious lights of Ceres? I’d love to hear it. 

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