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Mars’ Freaky Photos

Mars’ freaky photos have puzzled UFO and science fiction enthusiasts for decades. Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, once wrote a letter to Corey S. Powell, editor-at-large of Discover Magazine, requesting an investigation into the forests on Mars spotted by NASA’s orbiter, Surveyor. Forests on Mars would certainly be a mind- blowing […]

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1,500 Forgotten Tapes Reveal A Hidden Spacecraft and Sixty Mile Highway On the Moon.

Lunar Orbiter III Timeline: Launched February 5, 1967 Imaged Moon: February 15 to 23, 1967 Impact with Moon: October 9, 1967 Apollo landing site survey mission   How many moon missions have been launched? I was thinking maybe twelve when I was asked this question. Try over hundred if you count other countries’ missions besides […]

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Dulce Base: Alien Research Facility. Ever Heard of It?

Updated 2020 I  began blog writing in March of 2014. One my first news tips was from a former student of mine on the topic of Dulce Base. I’d never heard of it and it even has a Wikipedia  entry on it. It’s an alleged secret underground alien base on the New Mexico/Colorado border. At […]

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