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To Repent or Not. Ghosts or Not. A Chilling Tale.

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I don’t do book reviews or author interviews. Except when I find a really good book by a self-published author. Like I did with Travis Simmon’s Desolation in my Zombie Read Along blog. Kathy Finfrock’s House of Redemption fits into my list of “must haves” to warrant a blog.

The Must Haves List:

  •  an amazing story line
  •  a self-published author who shows much talent either in style and/or storytelling
  • well written
  • something out of the ordinary


The Book: House of Redemption
book cover for House of Redemption
House of Redemption by Kathy Finfrock. Find it here.

I have a confession. I purchased House of Redemption to read because I thought it had ghosts in it. You know me and ghosts have a thing going on. Now, here is the neat thing about the book. It can have ghosts. Or if you’re not into the paranormal, maybe it doesn’t.

Kathy won’t reveal to those of us anxiously waiting HoR Book 2 whether there are or aren’t ghosts. She dodges the question as you will see when you read her following author interview.

The basic story has all the ingredients of a haunting or more like multiple hauntings.

  • A spooky house with a history.
  • Unexplainable deaths and disappearances.
  • An evil presence, aka The Reverend Charles Blackstone, (Just call me Rev).

Kathy introduces her readers to The House in an 1842 Prologue. It’s the Rev’s dream house—no escape in case of fire. Plenty of windows but all set too high for liberation from the terror that resides in The House. Doors with no locks, but they won’t open. Dark shadows. And hidden bodies.

She quickly spins us into present day where The House is a resort, of sorts, for invited guest only. We meet the most current occupants and discover they have secrets and wicked pasts. They come face to face with their worse nightmares.

The Author

kathy finfrock
Kathy Finfrock author of House of Redemption

Kathy Finfrock is a lifetime California resident. She spends her day delighting others with enchanting tales of large houses and the secrets that hide behind the closed doors. She began writing when she was eight years old.

She says:

“I tried to write a screenplay for the Pokey Puppy. My freshman English teacher was the first person who showed excitement about a good story that inspired me to write better. My very first attempt at co-writing a story was in my 30s. My partner dropped out. I was on my own. I came to a part where I really loved my character and she was in a bad situation. I didn’t want to destroy her and so the story has remained frozen forevermore.”

Check out her website. She does a great job of creating her own videos of authors. Her last author was a real Texas dork, but the rest of her blog posts are informative and inspiring. For my writer friends, Kathy also offers amazing editing and beta readers services.

Interview with Qs & As

Question: Do you have a muse?
Answer: No muse for me. I just close my eyes and meet new characters. I write the kind of book I want to read.

Question: How did you come up with the story idea for House?
Answer: It was my first full length novel. I was alright writing short stories and so I began with writing multiple short stories. Then it was time to bring them together and they all ended up at the same resort.

Question: Is the Rev someone you know or your own personal demon/creation?
Answer: I based him a little on Jim Jones. A man who could charm and con and yet was brutal.

Question: Will there a second book in the House series? And when can we expect it?
Answer: Yes, Return to House of Redemption. I’m hoping to release it in the next six months.

Question: Are there ghosts in HoR?
Answer: It depends on your perspective. The term ghost is a generalization. It can mean different things as the term witch can. Do I believe? It’s complicated. I tend to rationalize what I saw or hear. Yet, it’s hard to disbelieve when you receive a phone call from the dead.

Question: How about zombies?
Answer: Zombies don’t exist… yet.

Question: Are you a fan of them?
Answer: Terrified would be a more accurate word. It’s the concept of being trapped by a horde of unthinking cannibals. There is no reasoning and no escape. And you know it don’t smell pretty. With that said,  you bet I’m a “Walking Dead” fan. Carol is my hero.

Question: What two preparations have you made for the Zombie Apocalypse?
Answer: I surround myself with large men and remember the lesson from Shane: I don’t have to be fast, only faster than another person.

Question: What are you wearing for Halloween?
Answer: A bowler hat with a white shirt and tie and my boots (pants are a given). I’m dressing as an investor from the east coast coming to the old west. I’ll be going to a murder mystery party.  

Read It

Kathy offers House of Redemption in eBook format and paperback on Amazon. I give it 5 stars and am looking with anticipation for book 2 in the series.

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