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THE Editing Checklist

Finding an editor that doesn’t rip your creative endeavors to shreds is the proverbial needle-in-a-haystack. As well as finding an editor with whom you can collaborate. This writing industry of ours did not create editors equally. Even though I learn much from each ripping, a little positive feedback would have been nice from the last […]

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Ellipses…Guidelines for Their Safe Use In Fiction

Deviating from the weird and wonderful, the next two blogs will deal with writer business. I know. I feel your pain. But I receive so many hits on my blogs on ellipses and em dashes, it’s time to update. I’ve procrastinated long enough.  Much confusion surrounds the use of ellipses — a series of three […]

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To Repent or Not. Ghosts or Not. A Chilling Tale.

I don’t do book reviews or author interviews. Except when I find a really good book by a self-published author. Like I did with Travis Simmon’s Desolation in my Zombie Read Along blog. Kathy Finfrock’s House of Redemption fits into my list of “must haves” to warrant a blog. The Must Haves List:  an amazing […]

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