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Well-Written? Really?

To a writer, positive reviews from readers are like receiving a million dollars tax free. Yes, I exaggerate. Still, it means bunches to a beginning writer. Recently I read a review on a book I was thinking of purchasing. This positive review listed several things I value in a book and ended it with, well-written. […]

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THE Editing Checklist

Finding an editor that doesn’t rip your creative endeavors to shreds is the proverbial needle-in-a-haystack. As well as finding an editor with whom you can collaborate. This writing industry of ours did not create editors equally. Even though I learn much from each ripping, a little positive feedback would have been nice from the last […]

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The Em Dash

Writers Love ’em. Editors Hate ’em. How To Use ’em In my last blog, I said I’d take a break from the weird and wonderful and do some updates on my writing series. Confusion exists among writers on the usage of Em dashes. And what’s the difference between an En dash and an Em dash? […]

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