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Australian Telescope Captures Alien Cosmic Radio Bursts

Alien cosmic radio bursts of light, aka The Signal, aka Fast Radio Bursts were witnessed in real time on May 15, 2014 by astronomers in Australia. Dr. Emily Petroff, a Veni Fellow at the University of Amsterdam Anton Pannekoek Institute , caught the mysterious signal as it happened using the Parkes Telescope in New South […]

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UFO Researcher, Tom Carey, Claims Proof Of Roswell Cover Up

In 2014, Roswell researcher, Tom Carey, announced that he has promising proof of the UFO crash incident. The proof lay in two Kodachrome color slides that Kodak authorities have verified as dating back to 1947—the time of the infamous Roswell incident. Carey made his announcement to a crowd of honor students during a panel discussion […]

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1,500 Forgotten Tapes Reveal A Hidden Spacecraft and Sixty Mile Highway On the Moon.

Lunar Orbiter III Timeline: Launched February 5, 1967 Imaged Moon: February 15 to 23, 1967 Impact with Moon: October 9, 1967 Apollo landing site survey mission   How many moon missions have been launched? I was thinking maybe twelve when I was asked this question. Try over hundred if you count other countries’ missions besides […]

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