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Hell Town RV Park, Episode 1. A Web Serial

Hell Town RV Park Where one man’s trash is another man. (a Web Serial) From The RV Files By Clara Bush Part 1: The Park Episode 1 (Rated Mature for Adult content) Spooky’s fingers darted across her MacBook Air keyboard. She must get her thoughts down, in case…well, in case something happened to her. Her […]

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To Repent or Not. Ghosts or Not. A Chilling Tale.

I don’t do book reviews or author interviews. Except when I find a really good book by a self-published author. Like I did with Travis Simmon’s Desolation in my Zombie Read Along blog. Kathy Finfrock’s House of Redemption fits into my list of “must haves” to warrant a blog. The Must Haves List:  an amazing […]

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