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The Em Dash

Writers Love ’em. Editors Hate ’em. How To Use ’em In my last blog, I said I’d take a break from the weird and wonderful and do some updates on my writing series. Confusion exists among writers on the usage of Em dashes. And what’s the difference between an En dash and an Em dash? […]

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Weirdo Writer’s Update

I’ve had  readers ask when my young adult series will be released. To answer I must borrow that timeworn word used to label circumstances in life that are unforeseen and are in no way predictable. Change “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”— George Bernard Shaw “I have accepted fear as part of […]

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Soul Searching. A Writer’s Anguish and Her Journey.

It’s been a while since my last blog and I apologize. I have a good reason however. A good but very sad reason. My daughter was expecting our second grandchild. He was totally a surprise for everyone involved. So much of a surprise I nicknamed him Baby Boo. My daughter was scheduled to deliver April 28. […]

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