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Were Ancient Astronauts the Anunnaki?

Ancient Astronauts
Could these petroglyphs, found in Val Camonica, Italy be Ancient Astronaut/Alien depictions? (This is a faithful photographic reproduction of a two-dimensional, public domain work of art.) The art is referred to as “Astronauts.” The white shading was added and is said to be plaster. Below is another Val Camonica petroglyph without the shading.

When I first began my blogging adventure, I confess, I didn’t have the foggiest notion of what I was doing. My web guy at the time insisted: “You gotta do a blog.” And so here we are,  years later.

I think I’ve learned a little.

Since starting this journey — probing into the many instances in which the Bible and other world religions reveal accounts similar to Ancient Astronauts encounters — I’ve learned much and hope you have as well. 

In my older posts, I referred to those extraterrestrials visiting Earth in earlier times as Ancient Aliens, in my most recent posts I call them Ancient Astronauts. I’m sure, without me telling you, you know they are the same. But having said that, I’ve just managed to interject two of my keywords into my blog post for today, which I’m told is a good thing for blogging.

Ancient Astronauts: Did They Come In Peace?

Ancient Alien without while
Val Camonica rock carving without the white shading. ( This illustration was made by Luca Giarelli)

The Rock Drawings in Val Camonica comprise one of the largest collections of prehistoric rock art in the world. It holds approximately 250,000 petroglyphs, divided over six separate locations in a valley in the Italian Alps.

Ancient Astronaut keeps an accounting of Earth children. Why?

In novella one of The Creep Mesquite Anthology, Wyso And The Other Creepy Kids On Gerard Street, an ancient astronaut is observing the children and recording their development. The concept of a celestial observer, and perhaps almighty engineer, is not new to science fiction fans, or science lovers, or ancient astronaut theorists, or anyone for that matter.

Christians today believe God is above watching, guiding, and protecting them. This belief in a higher power, a Creator, who rules from above dates as far back as one wishes to delve, back to the oldest known culture on earth, the Sumerian culture.

One of the most ancient of gods in the Sumerian pantheon is An (Anu) or sky god. A union between Anu and the goddess Ki produced what the Sumerians believed were the Anunnaki.

Dispute over the meaning of Anunnaki can be found while surfing the net. Translations include: princely blood, princely seed, princely offspring, or those who from the heavens came to earth. Whichever translation you choose to adopt, the Anunnaki were seven Sumerian deities thought to be underworld judges.

Sumerians believed that the universe was made up of a flat disc covered by a dome-shaped firmament (sky) and an underworld. The underworld existed underneath earth and was the base of the dome.

The science fiction beings, the Greys, also make an appearance in Wyso And The Other Creepy Kids On Gerard Street. And Greys, in some Ancient Astronaut theorist circles, are the Anunnaki android  helpers. Ancient depictions of this android race clearly resemble the Greys — small, big-eyed, and android-like. It is this description that is so often reported by humans who claim to have been abducted by aliens.

Typical image of what we consider the Greys to look like. Check out the Sumerian art (below) to see if there is a resemblance.
The Anunnaki’s Helpers—An Android race? The Greys? (Sumerian Artifacts at the British Museum)

Those Who From the Heavens Came

Have you ever wondered why there are those of us — average Joes and average Janes — on this earth who walk around in our own little world perfectly content with the order of the food chain. I mean we are on top. Then there are those not so average Einsteins and Maries who pose questions and come up with such things as the theory of relativity and the theory of radioactivity.

What makes a man want to create sometime that would replace a candle?  A candle is nice, right? I buy candles all the time and candle light, well, there’s nothing like it for romance. So what makes a man say: We need something better. Yes, we need a light bulb.Or would any of us average earthbound creatures ever consider that we might fly in the sky like birds. Why would we want to?

I — being of the average Jane kind — often pose this question to myself and my standard answer is: Alien DNA.

You are probably thinking: What happy juice is she on?  (It is legal here in Colorado.)

Just think about it for a moment though, and open your mind up to the possibilities.

Influences of the Sumerian civilization, the oldest known culture, can be seen even today. They are credited with inventing the future. Everything from the early development of writing to irrigation farming can be attributed to them.

The Sumerians developed our current concept of time by dividing the day from the night in sixty minute increments — twelve hours of night, and twelve hours of day. Before this division of night and day, people rose with the sun, went to work, and then came home when the sun set. So what prompted the Sumerians to make these changes that ultimately paved the path for the advancement of mankind? Could there have been guidance from the Ancient Astronauts?

The complexity and size of the human brain have rapidly evolved, yet other mammals have not evolved in the same way. Why?

Ancient astronaut theorists (AATs) believe it to be extraterrestrial manipulation of human DNA and that language is the gift of the sky gods. They believe ancient astronauts came to earth during the time of the Sumerian civilization and contributed to its advancements and that of mankind’s.

FOXP2 gene
The structure of the protein produced by the FOXP2 gene. A gene that regulates the activity of other genes and is believed influence the development of language.

Oxford University geneticists Simon Fisher and Anthony Monaco identified the Forkhead box protein P2 or FOXP2 gene. This gene is required for proper brain and lung development. Mutations in this gene cause speech and language disorder resulting in major brain and lung developmental issues.

The difference between us and chimpanzees is two substituted amino acids in the FOXP2 gene.

Was this random evolution or a little ET experiment? Artwork (below) from the Sumerian Culture Show depicts sky gods — that one might admit — look a little like what we refer to as the Greys.

Sumerian artifacts
The Anunnaki were said to be giants (right artifact). Notice the size of the humans and the size of the Anunnaki.
At left, another Sumerian Artifact resembling a Grey. 


We have learned from our research into religions, that the Bible speaks of giants.

When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose (Genesis 6:1-4).

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown (Genesis 6:4 King James Version).

Take another look at the Sumerian artwork above. The giants, perhaps the sons of God, appear to be lovingly holding human women. Could these giants in the Bible have been the Anunnaki? And were the Anunnaki ancient astronauts?

Let me know what you think. I love hearing from you.

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2 replies on “Were Ancient Astronauts the Anunnaki?”

Hi Clara
Very interested in your image and depiction that Akhenaten, Nefertiti and their children might indeed be assessed as giants way back in BC1350 or so. And that there may even be connections with aliens.
Sometimes children were thus shown at this scale, but shown as small adults in the sculpt.
I have another leaning on this Egyptian piece, with those so named solar rays beaming down on the new sun God of ancient Egypt:
Ancient Chinese chronicals show at around the same period that the heavens were filled with a marvellous new Comet… In fact this comet was a comet with ten tails, as was recorded. And the ten tails fanned out across most of the skies above. This must have been a frightening and fearful experience for humans at that time – it would frighten me nowadays, even with my present knowledge of comets. The first images of the so called swastica appear also in these ancient times, and those tails may well have had some spin on them, showing something quite similar in shape to the symbol that means something quite different in our modern world.
I believe that Akhenaten, Nefertiti and their children witnessed this comet with ten tails, and beheld this as a sign from God, and he changed the religion to fall in line with the experience. That is what I believe the Akhenaten piece depicts…
Tony Dawkins

Hello Tony,

And Wow.What a wealth of knowledge you have shared. Thank you. I really appreciate it as I journey the dark roads of web research. I did a bit more digging after your comment and was surprised to learn the image, which is often depicted as the Anunnaki, is actually the representation of Akhenaten, Nefertiti and their children, as you have pointed out. (Akhenaten being an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty.) Definitely giant-like in appearance, but as you also said children were shown at this scale as well.

According to Wikipedia, Akhenaten abandoned traditional Egyptian polytheism and introduced worship centered on the Aten. Aten is the disk of the sun in Ancient Egypt mythology, perhaps meaning Aten is like a sun god similar to Ra.

What you are saying makes sense. And I agree the comet may have influenced the religion Akhenaten introduced to his people. Could they have been giants? Could Ancient Astronauts have guided them? Or could they have actually been Ancient Astronauts?

Any more information or perceptions you want to share is appreciated. It’s like a big puzzle we Ancient Astronaut Theorists are trying to put together. Unfortunately, there are so many skeptics much of the information is distorted, I think.

Thank you for taking the time to comment and set me on a better path.

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