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Were Ancient Astronauts the Anunnaki?

When I first began my blogging adventure, I confess, I didn’t have the foggiest notion of what I was doing. My web guy at the time insisted: “You gotta do a blog.” And so here we are,  years later. I think I’ve learned a little. Since starting this journey — probing into the many instances […]

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Forefathers of the Ancient Astronaut Theory

A physiologically manipulated Nazca skull (housed at the Museo Regional de Ica in Peru). Ancient Astronaut  theorists claim the culturally-based practice came about as a societal attempt to emulate the bone structure of ancient alien visitors to earth. Forefathers In my blogs on Ancient Astronauts, my desire is not to persuade my readers to believe […]

Ancient Aliens Just Weird Science Fiction

Ancient Aliens, Are They Already Among Us?

You know what they say: Everyone is watching America and America is watching Temptation Island. Reality shows seem to be on the rise in American households whether it’s a TV series involving a husband/wife raising twenty kids, a guy trying to find a girl, or a girl trying to find guy, or a guy trying […]

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