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Hell Town RV Park Artwork. A Web Serial.

If you are bored at home. Isolated. Looking for something to do. Dumb coronavirus. How about a little escapism? Hell Town RV Park, the Web Serial, offers a perfect retreat from this hell and into someone else’s. And it’s free. Follow Spooky as she discovers there is more to this world than she knew. Find […]

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Dulce Base: Alien Research Facility. Ever Heard of It?

Updated 2020 I  began blog writing in March of 2014. One my first news tips was from a former student of mine on the topic of Dulce Base. I’d never heard of it and it even has a Wikipedia  entry on it. It’s an alleged secret underground alien base on the New Mexico/Colorado border. At […]

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Mysterious Light Beam Photographed on Mars.

Last night when I took our puppies for a walk (no one lives near us, so it’s safe), I looked up at the night sky (no street light interference either). It took my breath away. All the stars, all the deep dark secrets it holds and has yet to reveal. Did you remember that on […]

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