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Ghost Hunt — Part 2: Elementals and Ghosts, Is There a Difference?

Last blog, we discussed the feasibility of ghosts and used Carl Sagan’s concept of a fourth dimension to explain why some of us have ghostly encounters in our three-dimensional world.  There is another supernatural entity called Elementals. Before going forward on our ghost hunt, we need to determine if ghosts and elementals are the same.  […]

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Ghost Hunt — Part 1: Carl Sagan’s Flatland

Before embarking on our ghost hunt, I thought we best check out the feasibility of ghosts. Is it possible for a person’s spirit to remain in the here and now? Or does it bleed back into our world from someplace else — like a fourth dimension — creating what we call ghosts? Sagan’s Flatland Astrophysicist […]

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Ghost Hunt — An Introduction

Haunted houses and hotels are a popular phenomenon. Reality television provides a variety of shows devoted to ghost hunting for our viewing pleasure. My love of the unknown first peeked its scary head at me when I was nine. My family moved into a hundred-year-old haunted farm house. Things happened in the house. Unexplainable things. […]

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