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Ancient Earthworks Spark NASA’s Interest

You know how left-brained individuals always have reasons for the unexplainable? Like how crop circles are all hoaxes. Well, you logical souls, explain this. According to a recently published New York Times article, two weeks ago NASA released satellite photographs of earthworks found in Kazakhstan. These earthworks are recognizable from the air only, are huge, and the oldest is estimated to […]

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If Life is Found on Kepler 452-b, What Will God Say?

This past week news buzzed with NASA’s announcement of the detection of another Earth-like planet—Kepler 452-b, not to be confused with the Kepler 186-f. Announcement of the Kepler 452-b discovery was made on July 23, 2015 and the planet is being called Earth 2.0.  NASA’s Kepler space telescope, launched March 7, 2009 with the mission to hunt for habitable planets, […]

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The Ghost Forests of Mars Update

After posting on my google+ sci-fi community about the forests on Mars, several interesting comments and opinions surfaced. I polled the community and asked: What do you think the ghost forests are? Two-hundred and thirty-two avid sci-fiers voted and provided the following results. Evidence of Life 11% Darker cascading sands 23% Frozen carbon dioxide 34% Spider-like channels […]

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