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Ode to the Anglerfish — Champ of Weird.

There is more information on the Anglerfish than one might think. Just for fun, I’ve posted some videos on this monster of the deep.  (ProbeNote: For more information on the Anglerfish click on blog )   Champion of Weird Another YouTube video on the subject of anglerfish. Rainbow of Ugly This is funny, laugh-out-loud funny, […]

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1,500 Forgotten Tapes Reveal A Hidden Spacecraft and Sixty Mile Highway On the Moon.

Lunar Orbiter III Timeline: Launched February 5, 1967 Imaged Moon: February 15 to 23, 1967 Impact with Moon: October 9, 1967 Apollo landing site survey mission   How many moon missions have been launched? I was thinking maybe twelve when I was asked this question. Try over hundred if you count other countries’ missions besides […]

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Curiosity Sends More Images of Mysterious Light Beam

It appears Curiosity, the rover we sent to Mars, is up to its usual tricks. In a blog I posted on April 19, 2014 and updated last week, I talked about the unidentified light beam the Curiosity had photographed. Justin Maki, lead person for engineering of Curiosity’s camera said, “We think it’s either a vent-hole […]

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