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Exterrestrials — Will They Be Naughty or Nice?

The Demise of Mankind Many of us believe space aliens are a definite maybe. They are out there somewhere in the vast unknown. Do they know we are here? Have they seen our signals that many scientists think are a bad idea for us to be sending. If they find us, will they be hostile […]

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Eerie Song Captured By Rosetta Spacecraft Resembles 1987 Predator Sounds

In the 1987 science fiction movie, Predator, the sound the alien makes—a click, click, clicking—is very similar to the sound transmitted from Comet 67P back in 2014. Coincidence? Mycroft Holmes: Oh, Sherlock, what do we say about coincidence? Sherlock Holmes: The Universe is rarely so lazy.  The Sounds of Rosetta’s Comet — Compare if you […]

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Guardians of the Galaxy Deception

With regards to the superhero genre, the big question in 2014, with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume I, was: Who’s the Star Lord’s father? Quill’s mother was human but the Star Lord possesses alien abilities.  I speculated. Had theories. Asked: Who’s Your Daddy? I was surprised there wasn’t more chatter on the web […]

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