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The Mummy: Creating Monsters

While researching for my creating monsters series, it surprised me to learn that The Mummy we know today varies greatly from the original Mummy, not only in name, but in appearance and purpose, as well. Twenty-year-old Jane C. Webb (later she became Loudon) introduced the first fictional mummy in 1827. Her novel — The Mummy: […]

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Were Ancient Astronauts the Anunnaki?

When I first began my blogging adventure, I confess, I didn’t have the foggiest notion of what I was doing. My web guy at the time insisted: “You gotta do a blog.” And so here we are,  years later. I think I’ve learned a little. Since starting this journey — probing into the many instances […]

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Space Junk, ETs, or a Superhero?

I watched the  TV series, Supergirl, last night. And though, so far, it’s light science fiction/fantasy it shows potential. If you were a fan of Smallville, and are into Arrow and Flash, you might enjoy this as well.  Remembering Smallville and the whole superhero genre, I recalled the scene when, as an infant, Superman falls from […]

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