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Lost City: Bay of Cambay — Victim of The Great Year?

Part of our study into Plato’s concept of The Great Year involves a look at ancient civilizations. This week’s post  examines a sunken, lost city,  found in 2001. This discovery challenges previously held archeological beliefs about the timeline of our Earth and man’s progression. From our post last week, we define The Great Year — in […]

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Plato’s The Great Year: An Argument for the Existence of Atlantis.

Earth spins and we have night and  day.  We have seasons because Earth orbits the sun. If we could consult the Ancients, we’d find they believed in an even grander cycle. One that influences the rise and fall of civilizations. New discoveries are being found all over the world offering evidence that complex societies existed and are […]

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Fermi Paradox Finale. Beam Me Up Scotty, Hostiles Here.

Even NASA agrees with Enrico Fermi  and his paradox—our universe should be loaded with bunches of Extraterrestrials, but where is everyone? In April 2017, NASA announced its search for extraterrestrial life has been extended to include Enceladus, Saturn’s sixth-largest moon. New data collected by NASA’s spacecraft, Cassini, during its last flyby, suggests the possibility of an ecosystem favorable […]

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