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Curiosity Sends More Images of Mysterious Light Beam

It appears Curiosity, the rover we sent to Mars, is up to its usual tricks. In a blog I posted on April 19, 2014 and updated last week, I talked about the unidentified light beam the Curiosity had photographed. Justin Maki, lead person for engineering of Curiosity’s camera said, “We think it’s either a vent-hole […]

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The Mysterious Crystal Gene. 8 Things You Didn’t Know.

Updated March 7, 2020 During my research on Walk-Ins and Starseeds, one term continually popped up. The Crystal Gene. It’s a concept I hadn’t encountered before. Individuals who have a Walk-In or believe themselves a Starseed possess what is called a Crystal Gene. A primitive gene connected to our original beginnings that, once activated, keeps […]

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Ancient Earthworks Spark NASA’s Interest

You know how left-brained individuals always have reasons for the unexplainable? Like how crop circles are all hoaxes. Well, you logical souls, explain this. According to a recently published New York Times article, two weeks ago NASA released satellite photographs of earthworks found in Kazakhstan. These earthworks are recognizable from the air only, are huge, and the oldest is estimated to […]

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